In our sector which is the third element in international commerce, the land, sea and air transport alternatives vary according to the nature and addresses of the goods that will be transported.

In order to meet the demands and keep pace with the developing world our company has focused in 3 main branches. 

The solutions we produce care for the companies’ gain and are produced with the motto of “Our customer’s transport department”.

Land Transport

This type of transport performed with trucks is used in trade with our immediate neighbors like Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Balkan Countries, Iran, Iraq and Turkic republics.

Other than this, we may add many of the European countries and cities.

Maybe the most important one is that, besides transporting to the above-mentioned territories, we also have partial organizations that require special skills.

Sea Transport

The first thing people understand when sea transport is mentioned is the CONTAINER.

After the second world war containers were produced with the purpose of developing trade, and in today’s world, they are a must in transport.

Since the world has no place that is impossible to reach, containers are used everywhere in sea+land, land + sea.

Furthermore, containers which help carry goods having various specifications are produced with many alternatives. In the light of these facts, we can say that we can carry your goods

Air Transport

The characteristics of the air transport is that it is suitable for the characteristics of the goods, and the goods have suitable size for airplanes.

This alternative is the most expensive way and also the fastest.

We serve to you by minimizing our profit rate with the most suitable prices.

Although currently we are not IATA, we perform considerable air cargo organizations.